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Refer a Friend Benefit (Explain for Benefit)


Everyone benefits when you introduces to your friends! 

Sharing is caring, and to help you earn bonus points, we’ve created our Refer-a-Friend Program to help you help your friends – and help yourself, too! Therefore, we have worked very closely with most of our physician partners to give extraordinary deals once you sign up to be a member.

What Your Friend Gets

Our services stated below and additional 5-10% discount off their final price quotes when they sign up with MKS.

Best Results

· Doctor’s Certification and Specialty.

· Years of Experience.

· Pre-operative consult on TWO expertise Doctors.


· Clinic Facility accreditation.

· Surgery Description and Procedure.

· Medical Insurance Service. (up to 50 million KRW)

Specialized Service

· Trained Medical Care Manager.

· Best Price quotes.

· Nutritional Healing Remedy.

· Scheduling Clinic Appointments.

· Medical visa arrangement. (if applicable)

· Airport Transportation.

· Accommodation Booking.

What You Gets

Introduce your friend to us and you will get 5% BONUS POINTS (1 point is 10,000 KRW value) from your friend’s procedure.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1 point is 10,000 KRW value.

  2. Points are not exchangeable for cash.

  3. Points cannot be given to your friends or others.

  4. Points are after deducting 10% government taxes. Calculation Example: Friend’s Surgery 10,000,000 KRW (after taxes) > 9,090,909. 5% * 9,090,909 = 454,545 = 45 points.

  5. Points can be exchanged for your own medical treatments or surgery.

  6. Points can be exchanged to department store vouchers in Korea. (10 Points = 100,000 KRW value of voucher)

  7. Points can only be redeemable from 10 points.

  8. When redeeming points, 3 days notice in writing should be made to avoid dissapointment.

  9. Points can be kept up to two years.

  10. Medical Korea Service Co., Ltd reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.

FAQ on Membership  

1) Do I have to pay for the membership?

Membership is free. All you need is to sign up as a referrer (to introduce a friend) or as a customer to get consultation. Customers will need to fill in personal details and deposit a 300,000 KRW (US$280) to be entitled of our services. (See services) The deposit will be part of the surgery payment if the surgery exceeds 3 million KRW. If not, the deposit will be the payment for the services.


2) How can I get benefits after referring a friend?

Refer a friend benefits are in the form of bonus points. Bonus points are redeemable for vouchers or value to redeem your surgery/ procedure. Bonus points are not transferrable. (See Refer-a-friend terms and conditions).

3) Who can qualify?

Members must first log in and read the terms and conditions carefully.

4) Is this benefit from my surgery costs?

No, it is from MKS Co., Ltd. special programs with our hospital partners. We have a wide customer database and this is our advantage over other agencies.

5) How long does this program last?

After a referral has been done, the points will be kept up till two years.

6) If I don’t want the benefits but cash or pass the benefits to my friend taking the surgery, is it possible?

No cash is allowed. Your friend has their additional discounts once they sign up. This benefit is for our referrer who has helped us recommend to their friends. You may exchange the points for department store vouchers or use the value to redeem your surgery / procedure.

7) Will it affect my surgery safety and quality?

No, this is our special program to our direct customers. We don’t do much direct marketing and hence return these costs to our customers. We base on the 3 Cs to give the best to our customers : Credibility, Commitment and Caring.

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