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About Consulting Service (Explain for Service)

Beauty Consulting​

Best Results

· Working with the Most Specialized Doctors

· Customized Consultation with at least TWO doctors

· Trained Medical Care Manager


· Clinics with Proven Safety Facilities

· Medical Insurance Service (up to 50 million KRW)

· Nutritional Healing Remedy

Specialized Service

· Scheduling Clinic Appointments-

· Medical Visa Arrangement (if applicable)

· Best Price Quotes

· Airport Transportation

· Accommodation Booking

Premium VIP K-POP

K-pop experience

(Advanced booking required)


· Additional Clinic Information

· Seoul City Tour + Guide

· Cosmetic Dental Surgery

· Skin Treatments

· Eyebrow Tattoo

· Korean Hair Styling

· Other Customized Requests

Medical Tourism Insurance

Interpretation Services for Medical Disputes

If an unexpected medical accident happens to you that results in a medical dispute, your case shall be accepted by the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency.

Upon acceptance of your case, interpretation services (accompaniment, by telephone) will be provided up to five times in accordance with the relevant procedure.

* Interpretation service languages : English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian

Financial Service to Extend Stay

This is to compensate for accommodation and transportation expenses arising from your overstay necessary upon acceptance of your medical dispute.

* Maximum Compensation: 800,000 Korean won for your accommodations (up to 200,000 won per day) and 200,000 won for transportation (up to 50,000 won per day)

Coverage of Dangers that May Occur During Your Stay in Korea

Up to 50 million Korean won will be paid in the event of an accident (including medical accident)-led death or injury-led stress disorder during your stay in Korea.

Insurance Services for Foreign Medical Tourists

Eligible insurance applicants are foreign tourists visiting Korea.

* Exclusion: Dual nationals, Korea National Health Insurance Service holders and foreigners living in Korea.

Insured for Seven Days from Your First Visit to a Hospital

You will be insured for up to seven days from the first visit to a medical institution in Korea.

You will be insured for an accident which has caused a medical dispute during the period. However, you may apply for the insurance covering an injury-led death or stress disorder during your stay in Korea as well as compensation over a period from the date of entry to the date of departure (up to 30 days).


Note +


An accident accepted as a medical dispute "An accident accepted as a medical dispute"refers to a medical accident that has occurred to medical tourist during the insurance period. It is limited to an accident that has been referred to the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency ("K-medi") by the tourist for mediation or arbitration and accepted by K-medi.

Insurance period for medical tourist in relation to interpretation service/ overstay support service in medical disputes

1. As for the start date of an "insurance period" per medical tourist, the "planned date to visit a medical institution" as provided in the personal data upon insurance subscription shall be the "date of the first visit to a medical institution."

2. Revision or modification of the start date of an insurance period for a medical tourist will be possible prior to the firstly provided "planned date to visit a medical institution." However, no revision or modification will be allowed after the start date of the insurance period.

About Training Package

Medical Training

Be awed by the latest Korean beauty trends and aesthetic techniques!

Learn the different types of Korean Threads, Botox, Fillers and cocktail injections to unveil the secrets of flawless dewy Korean complexion.

Training program

· Customized Aesthetic Courses (Practitioners / Beauticians)

· Theory Lecture by Specialist

· Live demonstration by Aesthetic Doctors.

· Prepared video for each treatment

· Additional treatment cost is chargeable

· Certificate will be awarded after course

Current Modules

· Korean Thread lifting

· Botox

· Filler

· Hydration injection

· PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma)

· PDRN(PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide)/DNA injection

· Babyface injection

About Franchise Consulting

Franchise Projects

Save time from the hassles of finding a best match and increase productivity. Practitioners and entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business in Korea Aesthetics should explore with our consultants at MKS. Learn from us who have been working in the aesthetics and health care field for the past 15 years. MKS team will provide a detailed assessment on the Franchise Opportunity with a detailed written report what they believe is required to bring your clinic in line with the current Korean Aesthetic franchise package. Our commitment to our clients will ensure that you will be adequately equipped to provide the range of services offered and your patients receive the Korean Aesthetic experience they have become accustomed to.

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