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Picture To Explain How It Works

Step In How it Works

  Step 1   

Log In as existing member or Sign Up as new member.

  Step 2  

We will Send you a confirmation reply.

  Step 3  

Send in 4 Pictures, (Front, 45 degree left, 45 degree right & bottom picture for nose enquiry) through e-mail, Kakao or What's app SNS.

  Step 4  

A paypal mail will be sent to you for deposit payment. A non-refundable KRW 300,000 (US$280) is required for beauty / medical consulting to entitle you the pre-operative consultation and all standard services.

  Step 5  

Receive detailed pre sonsultation form from us.

  Step 6  

Book an appointment and arrange all necessary pick ups.

  Step 7  

Surgery and follow up.

  Step 8  

Refer a friend to get benefits.

Note +


The deposit will be part of your surgery fees if your surgery is above 3 million KRW (US$ 2,800). If not, the deposit will be the payment for the services rendered.


Once deposited, no refunds can be made. However, should an emergency arise, we will keep the deposit for you up till one year.


MKS Co. Ltd. reserves the right to amend any changes to the program without any prior notification.

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