Leading Healthcare  

Medical Korea becomes another name of Korea with its world-renowned medical doctors, advanced medical equipment, development of new treatments

· Korea ranks Asia’s best in international medical journal publication.

· Korea is one of the top countries for the clinical trial cases in the world.

· Korea’s competitiveness in the treatment of cancers, cardiac and vascular diseases, spinal disc and organ transplantation belongs to the world’s top tier.

· Korea is considered a world leader in cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry field.

Plastic Surgery in Korea  

In the new age South Korea, more and more modern Koreans are seen to be image-conscious and are unafraid of undergoing under the knife to improve their looks and increase their self-confidence

​In fact, advertisements on plastic surgery are highly encouraged through widespread television broadcasts and banners plastered everywhere on the nation’s walls. It is without a doubt that modern Koreans see a necessity to look attractive and confident in order to stay competitive in search for their future careers and love. Henceforth South Korea plastic surgery is best known for its excellent medical services due to extensive experiences from the influx of both locals and internationals seeking over to enhance their appearances.

In 2013, the order of specialties in number of foreign patients was Internal Medicine all combined, Diagnostic institutes, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Orthopedics, General Surgery and ENT. In 2013, the increase rates of foreign patients per specialty were 56.7% in general surgery, 53.5% in neurological surgery, 51.4% in plastic and orthopedic surgery, 48.8% in internal medicine combined (Source: Medical Korea)

Renowned Surgeons Specializing in Asian Features

Medical undergraduates in South Korea are required to undertake 11 years of intensive training before being able to specialize in plastic surgery and be qualified as doctors.

National medical tourism conferences and discussions are frequently organized by the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) and Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) to ensure knowledge of Korean doctors is continuously updated with the latest and cutting-edge technological and medical developments. Together with competent translators from Medical Korea Service, we promise a smooth consultation process between patients and surgeons as it is vital to be accurately understood in order to prevent disappointment and dissatisfaction. Korean surgeons are highly specialized with Asian features as they understand the standard beauty and body compositions of Asians better than other plastic surgeons. For instance, they recognize that Asians desire fair and youthful looking complexions, big round eyes, well defined noses and V-line face shapes. This might be less understood and agreed by western or other standards of beauty largely due to culture differences, although foreign surgeons can just be as skilled.

Korean Plastic Surgery Price Guidelines

Owing to the high demands of plastic surgery in Korea, this industry continues to be highly competitive in terms of technologies, surgeons’ skills and also prices.

The extremely competitive market is the key factor as to why plastic surgery in Korea is considerably more reasonably priced and affordable as compared overseas in particular to U.S where prices excludes anesthesia fees, hospitalization fees, medical fees etc. Whereas getting a surgery in Korea with MKS, you can be assured that there are no additional hidden costs. With MKS working closely with the Korean government, these price guidelines will help you prepare in advance to ensure that there won’t be any sudden surprises when you visit a hospital.

+ Please note that price, operation time and stay period may vary individually. Revision sugeries may be about 20-30% higher than stated. List is not exclusive. Kindly contact us for more details.

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