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MISOU plastic surgery

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Clinic Introduction

Established in 2003, MISOU Plastic Surgery has been endeavoring to guarantee safe and comfortable medical service to its patients. MISOU Plastic Surgery performs effective and beautiful treatments with facial harmony and balance as the top priority considering individual patient’s characteristics. We will continue to restore patients’ confidence and happiness through essential plastic surgery for those who have experienced difficulties due to wrong plastic surgeries in the past with our specialized medical techniques that are possible only from rich clinical experience in reconstructive plastic surgeries, secondary cleft lip and palate surgery, revision eyelid surgery & rhinoplasty and scar revisions.

Clinic Specialty

Eye, Nose, Facial Contouring, Breast, Fat Grafting, Liposuction, Toxin, Filler

Medical Team

Before & After


Double eyelid surgery, Upper blepharoplasty


Nose augmentation surgery with silicon, Hump nose surgery, Nose revision surgery

Facial Contouring

Square mandible reduction surgery, Short chin surgery, Forehead augmentation surgery

Body Contouring

Arm liposuction, Thigh liposuction, Abdomen liposuction


Breast augmentation with kojell implant, Breast fat grafting

Fat Grafting

Face full fat grafting, Face prp treatment


cleft scar revision surgery

With Star

Articles and Post


Business time

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Business hours

Weekday: 10am~19pm

Saturday: 10am~17pm

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