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JK Plastic Surgery Center

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Available Languages Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian

Clinic Introduction

Dr. Joo Kwon founded JK Plastic Surgery Center 1998. Over the years he has transformed JK into a specialized cosmetic surgery center complete with ONE-STOP services for all guests. Our center is centered solely on offering our customers the best treatment and customer service. As a result, JK has won multiple awards in recognition of our dedication to serving all customers at the highest level.

Clinic Specialty Facial Bone Contouring, Anti- aging, Face lift, Body contouring, Breast, Eye, nose, Hair ransplant

Medical Team

Dr. Kwon Joo
Dr. Hang Seok Choi
Dr. Sung Sik Kim
Dr. Joon Sung Bae

Dr. Hye Won Paik

Dr. Soon Hong Kwon
Dr. Yun Seok Choi

Before & After



Facial Contouring

Body Contouring


Hair Transplant


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