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GAMI Plastic Surgery

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Clinic Introduction

GAMI Plastic Surgery Clinic ,manages one stop customer services from consultation examination operation recovery to postoperative treatment.Experienced in abundant surgery, talented plastic surgery specialist Park, Kun-wook Thorough analysis using 3dCT, meticulous post management system. We will review the operation and give a high satisfaction of result.

Clinic Specialty

Facial Bone Contouring, Mouth Protrusion, Eye, Nose, Breast

Medical Team

Before & After


Double eyelid epicanthoplasty


Bulbous nose surgery, Hump nose surgery

Facial Contouring

Face mini liposuction, Face lifting surgery

Body Contouring

Thigh liposuction, Arm liposuction

With Star

Articles and Post


Business time

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Business hours

Monday to Friday : 9:30am to 19:00pm Saturday : 9:30am to 17:00pm

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