Korea's Popular Treatments


Face Lift

From 1148 USD


Stem Cell

From 5100 USD



From 636 USD



From 580 USD



From 829 USD


Breast Lift

From 8147 USD


Thread Lift

From 8568 USD


Fat Graft

From 2210 USD



From 140 USD

Rejuran Skin Repair

From 1010 USD

Facial Contouring

From 2048 USD


From 3164 USD

Customer's Testimonial

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My name is Suzanna. I am from Moscow, but currently I am living in China. I was exploring different Asian countries when I finally decided to do Rhinoplasty. I heard South Korea is famous for plastic surgery industry

..... Read More >


 I was comparing before and after photos of different clinics in Seoul, and read lots of reviews. After reading all the information I felt that JK is the right clinic for me.  I was amazed by atmosphere and beautiful setting in JK.  I knew that I couldn’t do surgery if the place looked like hospital. and safe..... Read More >


I found out that MISOODA offered varieties of interesting packages such as 100% payment or 50% sponsorship deals at some of most reputable clinics in Korea. I did some research on internet discussion forums and all I had to say are good things about MISOODA..... Read More >


I was always bothered with my chubby face. Since I was a little until now, no matter how skinny I am, my face is always chubby. Growing up I really love taking pictures. But my big chubby cheeks decrease my confidence. I always found myself covering my cheek with my long hair..... Read More >


I’d been got consultations from many famous hospitals, but I decided to get a surgery at Cinderella. As many people already know, the clinic is known for being kind and hospitable. The chief doctor, Jong Pil Chung is very meticulous, and the staffs are very kind. So, I made an appointment for surgery..... Read More >


What We Guarantee 

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you the best prices from top ranked plastic surgery clinics offering top notched quality services in Korea.

Certified Surgeon

All doctors are board certified specialists and no ghost doctors at MISOODA.

Medical Insurance

A safe journey with MISOODA. We make sure that the clinic has registered for Medical Insurance and coverage for foreign customers in case of malpractice.

Clinic  Certification

Safe journey with verified clinics in Korea. Clinic checklist such as surgery room safety facilities, post care system, surgery records management and other services stated for all of our customers’ safety.

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