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O&YOUNG Plastic Surgery

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Clinic Information

O&YOUNG provides personalized beauty services based on 24 years of experience. O&YOUNG is based on a combination of the medical technology and the cosmetics, and we believe that our products can provide happiness to a person who wants to be unique and more beautiful. O&YOUNG has been a pioneer who makes a new paradigm of beauty, not only about the outer appearance, but also about the inner beauty. O&YOUNG does not simply care about selling cosmetic products. Our goal is to help a person who suffers from desire of beauty.

Clinic Specialty

Eye, Nose, Toxin, Filler

Medical Team

Before & After


Full incision double eyelid surgery, Epicanthoplasty


Deviated nose surgery

Clinic Photo

With Star

Articles and Post


Business time

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Business hours

MON-FRI : 09:00am ~ 7:00pm

SAT : 09:00am ~ 3:00pm

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