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Ailin Plastic Surgery

Clinic Information

The AILIN PLASTIC SURGERY is a hospital opened by the former representative director of RUBY PLASTIC SURGERY, Dr. Kim,Myeongcheol. Based on the belief of a plastic surgery loyal to the basics,our biggest ideology is to be a 'TRUSTWORTHY HOSPITAL' by performing safe surgical procedures and bringing highly satisfactory results. To offer to our clients the best medical service and definitive results,our AILIN PLASTIC SURGERY is running a high-tech medical equipment and a system with exclusively appointed field specialists. We have Anesthesiologist who resides to ensure patient safety at all cost. Also, we strive to lead globally the technical skills and knowledge of the Korean plastic surgery through the interaction with overseas medical staff. We,the AILIN PLASTIC SURGERY, will always do the best to become the exemplary plastic surgery hospital using our years of operation know-how and outstanding sense of beauty.

Medical Team

Dr. Myeong Cheol Kim
Dr. Ji Yeon Kim
Dr. Yung Sang Yun
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